Mandatory CASA operator accreditation and drone registration

Well, the time has come, or more accurately passed, for anyone who uses their drones commercially (including on farm) to have an operator accreditation and have each of their drones registered. Mandatory registration & accreditation commenced on 28th January 2021.

This is not a difficult process, and with the risk of an $11,000 for not doing so is very much worth the time to get it done.

I successfully completed mine yesterday without issue. If you already have an RePL you aren't required to to the operator accreditation and you will already have an ARN.

A few tips, make sure the drone serial number you use is the one in the battery compartment. Secondly, information we have received says if you don't register, you may not have access to Public Liability insurance following the registration cut off date of 28th January 2021.

There is lots of information on the process on the CASA website. However I have provided some information below.

Here are the steps:

How to get operator accreditation

  • Sign in or create a myCASA account.
  • Link your existing aviation reference number (ARN) or apply for a new one.
  • Provide proof of identity.
  • Select the individual account.
  • Select accreditation.
  • Read the declaration carefully.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to begin the quiz.
  • You’ll need to score 85% or higher to pass the quiz.
  • Download or print your accreditation certificate. (I keep both certificates in my drone case.)

How to register your drone

  • Sign in or create a myCASA account, or follow on from above.
  • Link your existing aviation reference number (ARN) or apply for a new one – if you’re operating on behalf of a business, you’ll also need an organisation ARN.
  • Provide proof of identity.
  • Select the individual or organisation account to register the drone.
  • Select drone registration.
  • Begin drone registration.
  • Select your drone manufacturer from the list provided.
  • Select the model of your drone.
  • If the manufacturer and model are not listed – select other manufacturer or home built, then add:   a) Manufacturer name;   b) Model name;   c) Drone category;   d) Drone weight.
  • Enter the drone’s unique serial number.
  • Let us know if your drone is registered overseas.
  • Review the summary provided.
  • Add additional drones if you’re registering more than one – select add drone and repeat previous steps for all the drones you wish to register.
  • Read the declaration carefully.
  • Success!
  • You can print a list of the registered drones.

As always, if you run into trouble give me a call. Otherwise contact CASA via their website.

Good luck and safe flying!

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